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Policy: Students with Special Educational Needs (2017-19)

Students with Special Educational Needs

Corresponding to Policy 48 Students with Special Educational Needs and Article (53) of the Organising Regulations


For the purposes of this policy the School refers to Ajyal International School. For the purposes of this policy, Special Educational Needs (“SEN”) is the generic term for any disability, disorder, difficulty, impairment, exceptional needs (rare cases) or other additional needs that may be caused by mental, behavioural, physical, emotional or cognitive factors and which may affect a student’s learning and his or her educational performance. These students require additional educational support beyond that provided in general classrooms in order to achieve the greatest benefit from the curriculum.

Gifted and talented students have exceptional abilities and talents either academically or in a specific field. These are students whose outstanding abilities make them capable of high performance, but are not labelled as Special Education Needs. Their needs require specific consideration within regular mainstream educational programs.  Their current attainment or perceived potential places them significantly ahead of the majority of their peers in one or more of the following areas:

Special education is the additional provision of support designed to meet students’ learning differences and needs, such as special planning and specific teaching techniques, procedures and assessments, and tailored programs and materials, to ensure that such students (including gifted and talented students) reach their full potential, achieve a greater level of personal independence, accessibility to the curriculum, and succeed in school and beyond.

These categories are not intended to specifically identify all medically diagnosed conditions and syndromes that may have an impact on the student’s needs and educational program, but they reflect the main categories defined by the UAE Ministry guidance “School for All:  General Rules for the Provision of Special Education Programs and Services (Public and Private Schools) of 2010” and also ADEK’s “Special Education Policy and Procedures Handbook”.



Special educational needs of the students shall not constitute, themselves, a hindrance to the application or enrolment in the School. Special Education Needs students will be treated without discrimination and similarly to their peers. Everyone shall be given equal educational opportunities.

Students who require special education will not be denied access to a full education program that meets their learning needs. The School will admit, without prejudice, students with mild to moderate special education needs, and will further provide them with equal educational opportunities as compared to their peers.

The School will admit and accommodate students with special needs (mild to moderate). The School will provide high quality services to meet their different needs and involve them as much as possible with others in daily School activities. Each student with such mild or moderate delays or disabilities will be admitted to the School and to be treated with due respect and utmost care by the entire School community.

Admission of Students with Special Education Needs

The School’s admission policy follow the School’s obligations as defined in Federal Law No. (29) of 2006 Regarding the Rights of Persons with Special Needs, and in ADEK’s regulations and policies. Students with mild and moderate special needs will be admitted as per their age group and grade sequence. The School may charge Parents/Guardians additional fees for the provision of extra support, such fees will not exceed 50% of the approved School tuition fees for other students.

The School’s Special Education Needs Policy

The School has developed this policy for supporting mild to moderate Special Education Needs students and those who are gifted and talented. The policy seeks to meet a set of minimum standards as outlined by ADEK, the School will take account of the following key principles as minimum requirements:

Identification of students with SEN

The school has in place a rigorous system for identifying students with needs and putting support in early to ensure that the best support is put in place to develop academic learning and wider skills.

Identification of students with SEN

Further Information and Guidelines

For further details and guidelines, please refer to the UAE Ministry guidance “School for All: General Rules for the Provision of Special Education Programs and Services (Public and Private Schools) of 2010” and ADEK’s Special Education Policy and Procedures handbook.

Roles and Responsibilities

School Owners and Board of Trustees will:

School Principal will:

Draft Date: 8th October 2017
Approved By Board of Governors:
Principal Approval: 10th October 2017
Review Date: 1st January 2019