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At Key Stage 1 we seek to provide a rich and stimulating environment designed both to fulfil and extend the academic requirements of the UK National Curriculum, and to promote an environment where the children are encouraged to develop an awareness of their individual strengths and how to make use of them.

Subjects are taught by the class teacher and subject specialist In both Year 1 and Year 2 there is a teaching assistant, who supports the class teacher.

We want to work with parents, as a team. Children are developing very quickly during their early years . We make the most of this time of mental absorbency and we would encourage you as parents to do your best to encourage reading, speech, fun mathematical games, and general confidence developing in the home environment.

It is important that you have regular contact with your child’s class teacher and we therefore operate an open door policy in the Early Years Department. There are two formal Parents Evenings, where your child’s general progress will be discussed, however we encourage parents to arrange a meeting with their child’s teacher at any time if there is a matter they wish to discuss. Parents also receive written reports on their child’s progress three times a year where progress is discussed alongside next step targets, a shorter target and general update.