Innovative staff, supportive parents and talented children

At Ajyal International School, we strive to foster an outstanding partnership of innovative staff, supportive parents, and talented children.

This is reflected in our consistently exceptional academic results. We encourage our children to approach the academic challenges we offer them with enthusiasm, knowing that we fully support them in their journey of educational discovery.

We place great emphasis on practical learning and problem solving, encouraging our children to be inquisitive, exploring topics to gain deeper understanding and to think for themselves. Our aim is to instill a life-long passion for learning.

How we teach

We offer a stimulating and enriching curriculum in well-resourced classrooms.

Our passionate specialist subject teachers and the considered use of technology across all areas of the curriculum ensure our children are stimulated and engaged in a broad and balanced curriculum.

We combine innovative teaching styles with personalised learning to underpin an approach that drives progress and success for all children. Our skilled and experienced specialists provide tailored teaching opportunities to fully explore all subjects with great depth and breadth.

Inspirational teaching brings topics to life, and our extra-curricular programme with clubs such as chess, computing and robotics further extends our wide academic ambition.

Trips, workshops, themed weeks and immersive learning experiences further enhance the learning that takes place in the classroom. Our dedicated Heads of Department provide a multitude of opportunities to enrich the Ajyal learning journey.

We believe children need to be challenged at their own level to realise their full potential. Every child is encouraged to find their skill or talent at Ajyal International School. We inspire our children to develop a love for learning which will extend beyond their school years. We want children to think and learn independently, to be curious both inside and outside of the classroom.

We promote this by treating every child as an individual and tracking each child’s progress. This enables us to challenge and stretch them in subjects where they show aptitude and support them in areas of the curriculum they find more challenging.

We believe children need to be stretched to realise their full potential. We want our children to think and learn independently, to be curious and naturally seeking learning beyond the classroom. Our teachers are passionate about developing our children’s academic progress alongside their wellbeing and are committed to carefully monitoring their journey as they progress through the school.

For any child with special educational needs, our Learning Support Team, in consultation with the child, teachers and parents, will assess and design a personal plan for them. This plan will be regularly reviewed to ensure the needs of the child are constantly in focus.

Pushing the boundaries for those who can achieve more

Very able and talented children have needs of their own and need appropriate challenges if they are to be push at the boundaries. At Ajyal International School this does not mean more of the same but a personalised approach to provide exciting opportunities for them to excel. AJIS will continue to ensure every child is challenged to the best of their ability.


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