There are many opportunities for students to showcase their talents, including dramatic performances, drum band and guitar & Piano clubs. In addition, specialist music teachers offer private tuition in a variety of instruments.

Students participate in a broad range of after-school and lunchtime activities – from origami to African drumming, cooking club, Debate and public speaking, Dodgeball, Basketball, Art club and water awareness – as well as revision clubs. We also offer after school clubs –from creative writing to Recycling club, Drama club and swimming. Other activities include charity fundraising events ( Pink day, Ramadan initiative ), outdoor pursuits, field trips, university visits and foreign expeditions, with students also inspired by visiting speakers from a variety of business and voluntary organisations. Our Sports Day is always a spectacular event that embraces the whole school. The event culminates in an impressive closing ceremony that awards and celebrates teamwork, effort and achievement.

Outdoor Education

Progressive, meaningful programmes that build outdoor skills from an early age have enormous benefits for student wellness and academic resilience.

Outdoor Education can be so much more than the annual school trip and at Ajyal School we are committed to making sure that carefully constructed outdoor learning is embedded throughout the school curriculum.

Finding the right challenge and adventure for students can be tricky. At Ajyal, we strike a balance between finding an inspirational location as well as a variety of unique experiences. Part of the answer lies in progression. For each year group, we scaffold the new experience to build upon the learning that happened on previous trips.

While we always expect every student to enjoy a safe and positive learning experience on our trips and residentials, we also want them to reflect deeply on what they have learned. The true value of outdoor learning lies in our ability to make real world connections, and to link our experiences outside the classroom back to our everyday lives. It is therefore the quality of the outdoor activities and the long term impact of outdoor learning that is the most important outcome.


At Ajyal International School we offer a variety of Enrichment Academies to meet the different interests of the children. We use the skills and expert knowledge of the staff to run a range of academies. We believe that Enrichment Academies are a   valuable extension to the school day allowing children the additional opportunities to work with their peers and adults. Children who attend Enrichment activities regularly have expressed a sense of achievement and enjoyment that has resulted in increased confidence, motivation and commitment towards school life and their learning.

Academies run for a 9 week block each term. Children and parents have a choice of which academies they wish to select and are asked to make three choices in order of preference. Please note all children will be offered one academy in the first instance and if there are any places left they may be offered a second academy.  We will try our best to ensure that all children who show an interest in academies do get a place, even though it may not be their first choice. When your child gets a place in an academy it is important that they attend each week as the place could have been offered to another child.

At Ajyal International School the needs of the children are of paramount importance and so their opinions matter. Through regular evaluations we will assess whether we are running the academies that the children want. We therefore will change the academies on offer each term to meet the demand.


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