Radio Day

Radio Day is marked at Ajyal to enhance communication skills. Isolating voice from images. Helping focus our words and make our voices project and be engaging to listen to. Radio has long been a communication medium around the world.

Turning Blue!

Help turn Ajyal BLUE! 🔵 How can you help? 🤔 Invest in our National vaccination program and have your son or daughter vaccination! ✔️ When we all work together, we can all reap the rewards! 🌟 Let’s stay safe together!
At AJIS we are committed to ensuring that our school environment is one which protects our students and staff! ⭐️ We ensure that all areas are routinely sanitized to the highest standards and that all of our furniture 🪑 maintains a safe distance from one another! ✔️ But we are counting on your help too! 💫 Make sure that you are always
A HUGE congratulations to our students who have won the STEM Competition ‘Formula Ethara at Home’! They have each designed their own reliable and functioning car! 🚘 We are so proud of their hard work and dedication during this exciting process! 👏🏻 We would also like to issue a huge thank you and well done to Ms. Doaa who

Well-being Day

Happy Friday! 🌟 Who else is excited for next week’s Well-being Day?! 💫 We will be celebrating the many successes of Term 2 and taking part in lots of exciting activities! 😁 You can also dress up as your favourite superhero! We are so excited!! 

World Book Day

Who else is excited for our World Book Day! 📚📚📚 remember to send your pictures to We are so excited to see your bookish creations!  Click here to view Photos.

Arabs to Mars Video!

Meet our Student Council! 😊 👋 They have been chosen to join our House Captains and form our Student Leadership Team! 👏🏻🌟 Congratulations, this is a huge achievement! 👏🏻🌟 We look forward to working together and sharing our ideas with one another! 😊

Happy National Day UAE

The 49th UAE National Day is the time to celebrate the great growth of the country! A country that we know, love and proud to call home. Share us our celebrations         Ajyal National Anthem Teachers 2020 Ajyal My UAE Song Flag Salute National Day Art
Ajyal students are Celebrate UAE Flag Day During distance Learning by preforming UAE national anthem.