Ajyal School Team

The Ajyal School team consists of a group of the best educational ٍStaff who are qualified to lead the educational process while ensuring the achievement of the school's Mission and vision.

We also have the best administrative teams qualified to lead the school within the best international standards to ensure the quality of education for our students.

Manal Azouqa

Mrs. Manal Azouqa joined Ajyal International School in 2017 as an Assistant Principal/Head of Secondary after 27 years of being a regional Head of Business studies and Economics in a well reputable school in Abu Dhabi.  Mrs. Azouqa holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Economics from Bir Zeit University and a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from the University of Essex (UK).  She most recently served as Ajyal International School Acting Principal and School Vice Principal.  Prior to this time Mrs. Manal Azouqa served for five years as Head of Secondary and School Vice Principal at Ajyal International School.

Mrs. Azouqa is an experienced, dynamic, inspirational leader who is committed to raising standards and ensuring that students acquire and consolidate, knowledge, skills and understanding. Skilled in driving academic improvements, with a proven record of leading Key Stages in Secondary Schools and delivering whole school ENC curriculum.

Mrs. Azouqa has organized many professional development opportunities for staff and has served on several curriculum development and strategic planning committees. She enjoys working collaboratively with colleagues to maximize learning opportunities for the pupils and parents that she serves. She is absolutely delighted and excited this year about returning as the principal of such a positive, student centered, and academically orientated school.

As Principal of Ajyal International School Mrs. Azouqa is committed to discovering and nurturing the abilities of every child. Setting the highest expectations in terms of learning and behaviour, we are justifiably proud of the academic achievements of our students. Her primary responsibilities are hiring, coaching, evaluating, and retaining a highly qualified staff; developing and implementing the assessment program; compiling and presenting student achievement data; maintaining effective school discipline; and overseeing the school budget.

Email address: principal@ajyal.sch.ae

Anosh Bhugvandeen
Vice Principal and Secondary Principal

I am a self-motivated and adaptable School Leader with 23 years’ experience in 3 countries – South Africa, the UK, and the UAE.

I am delighted and privileged to be the Whole School Vice Principal and Secondary Principal of this vibrant centre of learning. I am honoured to lead such a fantastic school where we are determined to support our children and staff and serve our local community.

I am passionate about education and believe that all young people should be inspired to develop their talents and skills - to be challenged to strive to be the best they can be, but above all develop a thirst for learning that will stay with them throughout their lives because education transforms lives and social mobility.

I am an avid football fan and a keen golfer as well. I also enjoy immersing myself in new cultures and cuisines while travelling with my family.



Amir Atef
Primary School Principal

Mr. Amir has joined Ajyal International School this academic year and is both proud and excited to be an AJIS family member. He previously held positions like vice principal and head of school in addition to being an educational consultant at Study sync, the international E-learning platform based in the USA. His 20-year journey as an educator has been celebrated by featuring as Teacher of Dubai by KHDA in 2020.

A school leader and a teacher trainer with Master’s degree in education and B.A. in Literature and Translation, he has published research papers in international peer-reviewed journals like the UK based Journal of Language Teaching and Research, the Journal of Education and Practice. He has delivered teachers’ training in many venues like Vrije Universiteit in Amestrdam , The American University of Sharjah , The University of Sharjah , The British University and many schools across the UAE.

He also worked as an adjunct instructor in some colleges based in UAE in addition to being a language trainer in AMIDEAST Dubai.

Mr. Amir has passion for teaching, learning, and improving students’ behavior ,literacy and communication skills. He has a priority to inspire and empower students & teachers by equipping them with professional skills and empathic spirits. He adopts the Student Centered Leadership Model to help students become lifelong learners to achieve learning goals through the use of literacy skills, reasoning perspectives , critical as well as creative thinking and to appreciate artistic traits in a challenging thought- provoking high- tech cultural setting namely: Ajyal International School MBZ.

Ben Kehoe
Assistant Head of Primary

Hi my name is Ben Kehoe, I am from Liverpool in the UK. I have been teaching for 15 years, 13 of which have been spent in the UAE, all of which have been teaching students from year 2 – 6.

I have worked as academic coordinator for English, Science and Maths and as year group leader in Year 4 and Year 6. I have been KS2 team leader since November 2015 and look forward to working towards ensuring that all students at AJYAL International School are provided with the best possible learning experience.

The only things I love more than teaching are my family, ice-cream and Liverpool Football Club.




Georgina Watkins
Head of Pastoral and Well-being

Hello! My name is Ms. Georgina Watkins, and I am Head of Pastoral and Well-being at Ajyal International School. I come from Liverpool, England and I am the proud owner of an English Bachelor’s Degree and PGCE – earned at the University of Liverpool. I am also a teacher of English and Sociology.

I have now been a member of the AJIS family for five years and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, watching our school grow from strength to strength.

As an educator I am passionate about student well-being and happiness. I am committed to ensuring that Ajyal International School is a place where students love to learn, feel safe and most of all happy. I take a holistic approach to student development – not just focused on traditional academics. At AJIS our students are given the opportunity to grow outside of the classroom and develop a variety of skills such as; leadership, commitment to volunteering and a range of activities which will allow their confidence and independence to flourish.

AJIS is so much more than just a school – it is a family. It is a place where we give our students the tools to be a learner for life and to be successful once they leave us and pursue their dreams. I ensure that our students are go out into the world as confident individuals, aware of the power they hold and with a belief that anything is possible if they just believe!

When not teaching I am a football fanatic and a lover of theatre! My English background has made me passionate about live productions and entertainment.

Anila Aftab
Student Welfare & Child Protection/Safeguarding  Officer

My name is Anila Aftab and I am the Student Welfare Officer and Child Protection/safeguarding  Officer at AJIS.

I am from Pakistan. My aim is to help students with issues that may be affecting their academic, career and personal/social interaction.

My hobbies are reading and writing poetry, planting and cooking.

My goals are:

  • Promoting positive attitudes among students towards self, family, peer and community.
  • Developing skills such as decision making, resolving conflict and respecting others.



Bryan Octaviano
Health & Safety Officer

My name is Bryan Jay Octaviano and I am the Health and Safety Officer at AJIS.

I am a registered Health and Safety practitioner and a registered nurse at the same time, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, I have 8 years’ of experience in the Health and Safety field including construction and medical industry and now in the education sector.

My favorite sport is Taekwondo which I am a First degree brown belt holder. I am a good and supportive friend to everybody. My mission is to keep everybody healthy and safe!




Chellie Ferrer
Assistant Data Officer

My name is Chellie Ferrer and I am an assistant data officer at AJIS.

I am a registered Nutritionist-Dietician with a Masters in Business Administration  from the Philippines. I have been working in the academic field for over 11 years.

I am a focused and positively driven individual working as Asst. Data Officer for Primary School at Ajyal International School, MBZ  for almost 3 years now. I am a team player who seeks continuous learning and growth while providing a positive impact to the organization.

On the lighter side, I have passion for baking and a proud home baked entrepreneur.



Christian Lopez
Reprographer/Bookshop Attendant

My name is Christian Lopez and I am a reprographer/bookshop attendant at AJIS.

I am from the Philippines. I studied Computer Networking Technology IT.

My hobbies are playing online games, singing and dancing.

My goal in life is to be a successful businessman. I am the one who has a big dream. One of my weaknesses is that I easily cry and lack much confidence. I am shy when I want to talk in front of anyone or the public but I am sure that I am a friendly, hardworking and creative guy. I always do something different



Luwilla Lagat
Admin Assistant

My name is Luwila from the Philippines and I am an admin assistant at AJIS.

I am from the Philippines and I studied Bachelor of Secondary Education at SPAMAST Malita, Davao del Sur. I usually spend my free time camping or cycling with my family and friends.

I’m also into the financial market, a stock trader both local and global market is my personal career.

My goal in general is to achieve work-life balance.




Marwa Al Ghossaini

My name is Marwa Al Ghossaini and I am a receptionist at AJIS.

I am Lebanese and I hold a BA degree in Graphic design from American University of Science and Technology in Lebanon. I have worked for more than 6 years in this field before I came to Abu Dhabi 2 years ago and joined AJYAL international school.

My hobbies are art, swimming, traveling and discovering new places. I’m planning to get a master's degree in design and improve my communication skills.




Mohamed Sarfraz
IT Coordinator

Hi, my name is Mohamed Sarfraz and I am an IT Coordinator at AJIS.

I am from India and I have a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology. I have more than 10 years of experience in the industry and I am proficient with a wide variety of security, engineering, networking and managing operating system software and hardware.

My objective is to utilize my technical and management skills for achieving the target and developing the best performance.





Sahar Abou Aiche

My name is  Sahar Abou Aiche and I am a receptionist at AJIS.

I am lebanese and  I finished my BA in Travel and tourism at the Lebanese University .

I came to Abu Dhabi in 2014. My hobbies are reading, cooking and spending time with my family.





Sahar Zaatar

Hi, my name is Sahar Zaatar and I am from Lebanon. I have been living in the UAE all my life.

I work as a supervisor in the secondary school. I joined Ajyal in 2014.

I like going out and spending time with my family and friends.





Tahani Abu Ghadir
Principal’s Personal Assistant

My name is Tahani Abu Ghadir and I am the Principal’s Personal Assistant at AJIS since the school establishment in 2014.

I am  Lebanese and completed my BA in Business Administration at Beirut Arab University in 2007.

Apart from my job at Ajyal, I am a registered exercise professional in Abu Dhabi and I teach group exercise classes in various reputable gyms.  I enjoy all kinds of sports and social services.





Rajendran Thazhakat
BOM/HR Manager

I, Thazhakat Rajendran (Mr Raj) obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in 1989 and I obtained my MBA from IIBM Delhi India in 2012.

Since 1996 I ascended the professional ladder as a Senior Admin Manager and HR manager in different British Curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi where I have used my expertise to upgrade and achieve quality administrative work procedures.

I have 26+ years of experience in the UAE in the educational field and a total of 30+ experience in Administration and HR.

I am currently the Operations cum HR Manager at Ajyal International School MBZ, where I feel proud to be among its family. I am passionate about Education Management and School Operations. I am looking forward to giving my best to Ajyal international school.

With all my respect for the culture of UAE and its leaders, I am proud to be a part of this country and to continue to serve within its education sector.

Varughese Abraham

My name is Varughese Abraham and I am an accountant at AJIS. I am from India.

Accounting is my Life because of loving Ledgers, Friendly Figures, Comforting Calculations, Supportive Statements and Neighborly Numbers.






Virginia Magsakay
Reprographer/Bookshop Attendant

My name is Virgie and I am a reprographer/bookshop attendant at AJIS.

I am from the Philippines and I have lived in the UAE for 16 years.

I studied at Bulacan Polytechnic College in the Philippines and I have a (BSE) Bachelor of Science and education from Bulacan state university. I’ve also done my short term at FACE (Filipino association for computer excellence) here in the UAE.

I love the arts, hanging out with friends, singing a song with my mother (deceased) and dancing with my father when I am in the Philippines.

My goal is to give a good education to my kids.


FS 1

FS 2

Alicia B Quintero 
FS2 Teacher

My name is Alicia B. Quintero and I am an FS2 teacher at AJIS.

I am from Spain and my teaching career started in 2009 after I completed a Bachelor of Education in EYFS. I have always possessed a thirst of learning which has resulted in me gaining two Master degrees and my QTS in Coventry University, England.

I joined Ajyal in 2017 having previously worked in Qatar, China and the UK. When I am not teaching, I love Yoga and getting lost inside a book.

My goal is to see progress being made by all my students through play and fun activities.



Aoife Cunningham
 Year 2 Teacher

My name is Aoife Cunningham and I am a Year 2 teacher at AJIS.

I am  from Ireland.  It is my third year teaching at Ajyal international school, having previously taught in my home country and Doha.  I have completed a Bachelor of Education with History as a specialist subject.

I love to read, travel and spend time with my family and friends.






Heena Rehman
Year 3 Teacher

My name is Heena Rehman and I am a Y3 teacher at AJIS.

I come from the UK and I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I also completed my postgraduate degree in Primary education. I have worked as a teacher in the UK for four years. I have also worked with children with special educational needs and raised lots of money for hospitals and hospices that support and take care of vulnerable children.

My favorite quote that I remember and discuss with the children is “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. I am passionate about creating a safe, happy and loving environment for children to learn. Giving them an education and experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. I always want children to believe they can succeed and achieve anything they put their mind to and strive to every day. My goal is to continue to motivate my students to achieve and be the best they can be.

This is my second year in the UAE. I have loved immersing myself in the culture and traditions here. I love hearing the call to prayer each day and taking photos of the stunning palm trees and landscapes in the UAE and of course the beautiful sunny weather! I enjoy shopping, cooking, baking and photography. In my spare time I like to explore new places, try new food and take photos because I believe these are memories that will last and allow you to reminisce.


Suzanne Outram
Year 4 Teacher

My name is Suzanne Outram, and I am Canadian/Caribbean who has trained and taught Primary Education in the UK. I am a Year 4 teacher at AJIS.

I completed my Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) from Exeter University in 2006 and gained my Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in 2007. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (BA) and Diploma for Developmental Service Worker (DSW) which were obtained in Canada.  As a teacher, I have travelled the world and taught students from various cultures, economic status as well as abilities.

My passion for travelling has led me to a passion for cooking different foods in which the kitchen has become my sanctuary. With cooking, I enjoy music and dancing and relish the opportunity to move and sway to the sounds of music of any genre.

My goal as an educator is to inspire children. To make a difference and to foster a love for learning. Learning goes way beyond the classroom and I strive to create memories within my students that they can carry with them throughout life.




Ozair Khalid
Year 6 Leader & Teacher

My name is Ozair Khalid and I am the Year 6 leader and teacher at AJIS.

I was previously a Primary school teacher from Manchester, UK. I have graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business management. I have worked in schools since 2014 and completed my QTS primary qualification in 2018

This is my second year teaching in the UAE and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! I have loved visiting all the lovely places UAE has to offer and I have enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather which makes a change from rainy Manchester all year round.

I enjoy watching all sports in my free time, especially football. I am a massive Manchester United fan, season ticket holder and when I am back home, I love going every weekend with my brother’s to the theatre of dreams, Old Trafford to watch my favourite team play live!


Ameera Al Qawasmeh
ICT teacher

My name is Ameera Al Qawasmeh and I am an ICT teacher at AJIS.

I have a Bachelor degree in computer science engineering since 1998 from one of the biggest universities in the middle east, located in Jordan. I worked as a teacher assistant in two universities just after my graduation. I got married to my husband and migrated to Canada to start a new journey in my education. I got my high diploma from Humber university in computer science to fulfill my passion for technology and eagerness to know and learn more and more in this field. I started my career as a teacher back in 2006 when I moved from Toronto to Abu Dhabi, the fabulous city.

I like going to different beaches in and out of the city, playing with my kids, walking and exercising with my husband on a daily basis. I  Joined AJIS in August 2017, I admire my job as an ICT teacher and I am looking forward to more to come.



Rissa M. Salatandol
Lab Attendant

My name is Rissa M. Salatandol and I am the Lab attendant at AJIS.

I am from the Philippines and I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education majoring in Biological Science in Negros Oriental State University in 2015. I also passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers in Secondary Level on September 27, 2015. After graduating, I was hired as a college instructor and senior high science teacher in Negros Oriental State University.

I am currently working at Ajyal International School in Abu Dhabi as a Science Laboratory Technician for 4 years now.

My goal is to utilize my skills and experience as well as my passion for science practices to train and educate young minds.



Jihad Nasser
Maths Teacher

My name is Jihad Nasser, and I am a Maths Teacher at AJIS.

I am from Palestine.

I have taken a B.Sc. course in Mathematics and obtained a bachelor’s degree in applied Maths from Beirut Arab University. I have lived in Abu Dhabi for 21 years and spent that time working in teaching Maths for the secondary stage. Within these 21 years, I worked for 5 years in a government school, IAT (Institute of Applied Technology) and the rest in private schools.

I enjoy getting to teach students a subject that is so wonderful and helps a person to build strong logic. Maths is usually misunderstood, but I love helping them build their love for Maths and making it easier for them.

I have a family of 5 with 2 daughters and 1 son. One of my hobbies is that I enjoy cooking and spending time with my family.


Abdul Kader Kanbari
Islamic Education Teacher

My name is Abdul Qadir Ahmed Qanbari  and I am an Islamic education teacher at AJIS.

I love teaching, and I consider it a mission and a duty, and I have been doing this for 30 years! The number of students I have taught has reached about 10,000 students. I also teach  Arabic language and Social Studies with perfection and distinction to university students in Abu Dhabi.

I hold a BA (BA) in Law from the University of Aleppo in Syria in 1988 and a Masters degree in Islamic Studies from the Theological Foundation of America for Higher Education in 2013.

My hobbies are: football and reading, and God Almighty has honored me with a beautiful voice when reciting the Holy Quran.

My goal is to create a generation that is conscious, educated, adheres to its religion and morals, loves its country and its people, and contributes to spreading knowledge, morals, love and peace in the whole world.

Mohamed Emam
Social Studies Teacher

My name is Mohamed Emam and I am a Social Studies teacher. I am from Egypt from the city of Suez.

I graduated in 2003 from Tanta University in Egypt, majoring in Geography and Maps.

I have more than 14 years of experience in teaching in the United Arab Emirates. My hobbies are fishing and design.





Mona Hasan
Arabic Language Teacher

My name is Mona Hasan and I am an Arabic Language teacher at AJIS.

I am from Egypt and   I hold a BA in Arabic Language from Cairo University.  I have been working for 20 years as an Arabic language coordinator/teacher of High School various curricula in the UAE.

I hold several recognition certificates and teaching licenses granted by Educational Authorities and Culture Ministry.  I also coordinate activities.

I enjoy reading and cpd projects. My utmost goal is to promote Arabic teaching and learning.



Reem Yousef
Arabic Teacher

My name is Reem Yousef and I am an Arabic teacher for non arab students at AJIS.

I hold a BA in Arabic Literature from the Applied Sciences University, Jordan.

I began teaching Arabic in many schools, following which I taught Arabic to native and non-native students.

I joined Ajyal International School in 2015 to improve my educational career, and face new challenges in teaching and learning. It is a pleasure to work in the school where there is mutual respect and cooperation.

My goal as a teacher is to develop my student's love for Arabic and use it to communicate with others inside and outside of school.

My hobbies are reading novels and poems.


Saida Younis
Social Studies & Islamic Teacher

My name is Saida Younis and I teach Social Studies/Islamic to non arab students at AJIS.

I was born in 1967 in Germany and I was raised in a city called Stuttgart for 5 years then I was admitted to a boarding school in Hanover for 3 years, I came then to the UAE to join a Convergent school until graduation. After my graduation, I travelled to North Africa to complete a degree in the history of Religions.

I have been working as a teacher for all grades – including primary and secondary students since the year 1990. Along my many accomplishments, I taught IB students for many years while also teaching fun activities such as yoga to primary students.

I enjoy guiding and teaching students, and being able to do this as a profession has been a great experience. I travelled around the world to several countries located in Europe, Asia and parts of Africa. I hope to travel to many more exciting places.

I am a grandmother to two lovely girls and a mother to three young women and two young men.

Shaimaa Ramadan
Social Studies Teacher

My name is Shaimaa Ramadan and I am a Social Studies Teacher at AJIS.

I am from Egypt. I have taught Social Studies at AJIS for the past 5 years and counting.

I graduated in 2000 and I worked in my country for 2 years then I came to the Uae and started my teaching career here.





Gina Zaki
Primary Music Teacher

My name is Gina Zaki. I am a primary music teacher at AJYAL International School, MBZ.

I have a Bachelor of Educationin Music, specializing in Piano -Opera singing .

I have 14 years of experience in the education field. My hobbies are drawing, painting, and computer design.

My goal is to encourage my students to love music and sing. I want them to use instrumental techniques, scales, sight reading and music theory to discover musical talent also using their skills in live performances.




Carol B. De Leon
Teacher Assistant

My name is Carol B. De Leon and I am a teacher assistant at AJIS.

I am from the Philippines. I am an undergraduate of BS in Economics, and BS in Computer Science.






Charmaine Montil
Teacher Assistant

My name is Charmaine Montil and I am a teacher assistant at AJIS.

I am from the Philippines and I am an Associate in Computer Technology graduate back home.

My hobbies are watching vlogs, watching random videos and listening to music. My goal in life is simple: to be successful and make the people I love proud of me.





Cristina Rarogal Agno
Teacher Assistant

My name is Cristina Rarogal Agno and I am a teacher assistant at AJIS.

I am from the Philippines and I attended college at Northwestern University at Laoag City, with a course of Associate in Hotel & Restaurant Management.

I love to travel to different places, I also love camping in the desert especially when winter, staying overnight and watching the sky or chatting with friends. I have been in the UAE since 2015, and I am very lucky & thankful  to work with Ajyal International School as a Teacher Assistant.

I really love to teach children, assist them and show them what is good, how to become friendly to others.



Diana Ignacio
Teacher Assistant

I am Diana Ignacio and I am a teacher assistant at AJIS.

I am from the Philippines and I have a 2-year college degree in Computer Secretariat. With the number of work experiences I have, teaching kids for me is the best.

For I am able to touch the lives of these kids by serving not only as an assistant teacher, but as a mother as well. I am looking forward to seeing more years in this service.




Janet Fenecious
Teacher Assistant

My name is Janet Fenecious and I am a teacher assistant at AJIS.

I am from the Philippines and I have a Bachelor of Elementary Education from Saint Joseph College.

I have been in the UAE for almost 8 years working as an assistant teacher. It is a great privilege being able to practice my profession in teaching young children which has always been my passion.

During my free time I usually spend it fishing with my friends and I also love to travel to different countries and meet different people and know about their culture.



Janine Montil
Teacher Assistant

My name is Janine Montil and I am a teacher assistant at AJIS.

I am from the Philippines  and I love UAE, my second home. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts and a Bachelor in Secondary Education Units Earner in one of the universities back home.

I have loved living in Abu Dhabi for almost 5 years now and counting.

I’ve been employed as KG Supervisor (as my first job) and now as an Assistant Teacher without regrets. I love teaching kids as well as reading random books and watching videos.

Making my family proud is a common goal and it’s the first in my list.


Jessel Jane Monti
Teacher Assistant

My name is Jessel Jane Montil and I am a teacher assistant at AJIs.

I am from the Philippines and have been working as a Teaching Assistant in  UAE since 2007.

I have a  Bachelor of Science and Hotel Management.

Singing, listening to music and cooking are the hobbies I loved the most.




Laarnie G. Eugenio
Teacher Assistant

My name is Laarnie G. Eugenio and I am a teacher assistant at AJIS.

I am from the Philippines and I graduated as Bachelor of art in public administration at Isabela state university Philippines.

My hobbies are cooking, reading books and usually listening to music.

My goals in life are simple, to have a stable job so that I can provide my two children with a good life.

Be kind, have faith and respect everyone.



Racel De Jesus-Santiago
Teacher Assistant

My name is Racel De Jesus-Santiago I am a teacher assistant at AJIS.

Being a college undergraduate way back in the Philippines, I decided to work abroad to support and provide the needs of my family.

I have been working in the United Arab Emirates for 12 years now. I worked in different schools, as an assistant teacher. It is my pleasure to have this job because I love kids and it is something I am passionate about. With the challenge that the world is facing, I would love to go back to the Philippines.




Renalyn Castillo Barrios
Teacher Assistant

My name is Renalyn Castillo Barrios and I am a teacher assistant at AJIS.

I am from the Philippines and  I graduated from the University of Cabugao Ilocos Sur. I started working here in UAE in 2003, I consider this country my second home.

I love baking and cooking, especially filipino food where I can express myself and become stress free.

My Goals are to improve my job performance, expand skills and to work towards senior leadership roles that comes with greater responsibility, and to work hard to earn enough money so I can be able to support my family in the Philippines and when the time comes I can be able to go home to my country the Philippines to be with my children and family.



Sana Javad
Teacher Assistant

My name is Sana Javad and I am a teacher assistant at AJIS.

I am from Pakistan but shifted with my family to UAE at a very young age and was brought up here in Abu Dhabi. I did my secondary school at Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed School. And then i did a computer course from Abu Dhabi itself.

My hobbies include reading books and novels and I've recently started taking swimming lessons .
I love my job at Ajyal international school and I'm looking forward to continuing this job. And my goal is to get more experience in my work field.





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