We see the curriculum as the total learning experience for our students.

The curriculum includes not only taught lessons but also routines, behaviours, events, activities, and other opportunities that our children experience on a daily basis. The dedicated teaching ensure that our children make the best possible progress academically which contributes to their overall development for future success in the wider world.

Our educational offer goes way beyond the confines of the classroom.

Through a holistic approach, we ensure the best possible progress academically. Learning is not just confined to the classroom. We inspire our children to use their natural curiosity to develop a love for learning in all areas of the curriculum, whether it be performing in the Music Studio, exploring the Dell during a dedicated Forest School session or honing their physical skills in the AJyal International School Stadium. Our pupils gain a wealth of experience through the daily AJIS experience, immersing themselves in routines, enrichment opportunities and extra-curricular activities.

An enriched and dynamic curriculum

Towards the end of the journey in Reception, we prepare our children for a smooth transition to Lower School, located in the Main School building.

As they progress through Lower School, our youngsters experience significant growth, both academically and socially, while embracing the enriching opportunities Ajyal International School provides.

Our vision is simple yet crucial: we are dedicated to nurturing the academic, personal, social, and moral development of every child. In our supportive community and secure learning environment, our children confidently explore new challenges to unlock their full potential, fostering a lifelong love of learning.

Key Stage YearAgeMaximum Class Size

3-4 years 15
FS2 4-5 years 15
Key Stage 1 (KS1) Year 1 5-6 years 15
Year 2 6-7 Years 15
Key Stage 2 (KS2) Year 3 7-8 years 15
Year 48-9 years 15
Year 59-10 years 15
Year 610-11 years 15

Key Stage Year AgeMaximum Class Size
Key Stage 3 (KS3) Years 7-911-14 years 15
Key Stage 4 (KS4) - (I)GCSE

Years 10-11 14-16 years
Key Stage 5 (KS5) - GCSE

Years 12-13 16-18 years 15


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