ADEK Approved Fees For Academic Year 2022 - 2023

Covid-19 Fees Structure Relief AY 2022 - 2023

ENCFull Year Fee * (AED) Full Year Bus Transport Fee* (AED) Fees Term1* (AED) Fees Term2* (AED) Fees Term3* (AED)
FS1 Nursery25,1003,97810,0407,5307,530
FS2 KG125,1003,97810,0407,5307,530
Yr.1 KG227,2703,97810,9108,1808,180
Yr.2 Grade 133,4003,97813,36010,02010,020
Yr.3 Grade 233,4003,97813,36010,02010,020
Yr.4 Grade 333,5003,97813,40010,05010,050
Yr.5 Grade 4 36,5503,97814,62010,96510,965
Yr.6 Grade 539,6103,97815,85011,88011,880
Yr.7 Grade 642,4503,97816,98012,73512,735
Yr.8 Grade 742,4503,97816,98012,73512,735
Yr.9 Grade 842,8003,97817,12012,84012,840
Yr.10 Grade 942,8003,97817,92013,44013,440
Yr.11 Grade 1042,8003,97818,32013,74013,740
Yr.12 Grade 1143,9003,97818,32013,74013,740
Yr.13 Grade 1243,9003,97818,32013,74013,740


  • Registration fees deposit to be paid after a successful assessment (5% of the total tuition fees of each grade). This will be deductible from Term 1 fees.
  • If subsequently the seat is not taken up, part of the registration fee is refundable provided that the school is informed on or before 10th No refunds for student withdrawals shall be processed after this date.
  • First Term tuition fees are payable before the Term starts otherwise seats cannot be guaranteed.
  • Bus Fees can be paid in full along with Term 1 fees or Termly.
  • School uniform can be purchased from the Uniform Shop (Third Party Provider) which is located in the school.
  • School timings:   FS 1 and FS 2 7:45 am – 1:00 pm.  Year 1 - Year 13 7:45 am – 3:00 pm. All Buses leave at approx. 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm. Bus transportation is offered on first come first serve basis.
  • Refunds: Cheque refund Policy – Refunds will be paid in 21 working days from the date of refund request approval.
  • Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) - In case Parent wants to withdraw PDC, they should inform us in writing or via email, 7 days prior to the PDC date.  All PDCs will be returned in lieu of payment in cash or Debit/Credit Card.No follow up calls will be made for PDC(s) issued as all PDCs will be deposited on due. Hence; parents are requested to keep sufficient balance in their bank accounts for smooth encashment of all PDC’s. Parents/guardians are responsible for any bounced/returned cheques charges.

For Online payment/bank transfers, below are our school bank details:

AJYAL International School, MBZ, BANK DETAILS

  • Bank : National Bank of Fujairah
  • Branch : Abu Dhabi
  • Account No : 012001120393
  • IBAN No : AE310380000012001120393
  • Swift Code : NBFUAEAFAUH
  • CIF number : 524933