A warm welcome to Ajyal International Secondary School

We pride ourselves on providing a very good learning environment in which all students realise their full potential. At Ajyal International School we know our students very well, catering for the needs of the individual and ensuring strong pastoral and academic support. This makes us popular with students and staff alike who thrive on good working relationships and caring attitudes that create a warm, purposeful atmosphere. Our students come from a range of backgrounds, with many races, religions, cultures and languages represented. We celebrate our diversity and welcome the opportunities it gives us to learn from each other.

“Our home-school partnerships are very strong. For students to maximise their potential, it is vital that parents and carers and the school work productively together. We use regular monitoring, Mentoring, target setting and dialogue with students and parents and carers to ensure students make good progress. There are many opportunities, formal and informal, for dialogue, which we strongly welcome”.

We have an expanding and responsive curriculum aimed at enhancing choice and opportunity for students as they progress through the school from Year 7 to Year 13. Our teaching is both innovative and challenging both in content and delivery, and ICT is used throughout the school to bring the curriculum to life and to stimulate and engage students in their learning. We make good use of our facilities (including the Gym, pool, fitness suite, design technology, Food technology, and Textile and music studio) and ensure that every child can be involved in the enrichment opportunities on offer.


Welcome to Ajyal International Secondary School, where we ensure our young people realise their aspirations and achieve their goals.

As an International school for students aged 11 to 18, we are committed to discovering and nurturing the abilities of every child. Setting the highest expectations in terms of learning and behaviour, we are justifiably proud of the academic achievements of our students. Most of our students join our thriving sixth form, with many progressing onto university. We also recognise children’s abilities in other areas, so we provide a wealth of opportunities and courses that allow every student to develop and showcase his or her unique talents.

The school promotes a ‘can do’ culture in which everyone is encouraged to strive for excellence. Our progressive curriculum places great emphasis on building skills that prepare students for a successful career and a fulfilling life. Using our strengths in Sport and the Arts, we focus not only on acquiring knowledge but, also on developing qualities and skills that are valued in the workplace and the community. We uphold the traditional values of respect and tolerance, resulting in harmony in our multicultural community, where the contribution of every individual is valued. We know all the children really well. We work closely with parents and carers to ensure that students are fully supported and make good progress to a high standard. I warmly invite you to visit the school to experience for yourself its positive atmosphere and the outstanding opportunities it offers students.

Success for Everyone

We are dedicated to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Based on a progressive and inclusive curriculum, our teaching is innovative and challenging in both content and delivery. Students achieve most when they enjoy their learning, so we encourage active participation in the classroom and the involvement of parents and carers at home. Proactive setting of targets and monitoring of achievement through the use of a mentoring programme ensure that all students make the best possible progress, and we encourage them to take increasing responsibility for their own improvement. Setting in some core subjects allows students to work at the optimum pace. More able students are provided with additional challenges to ensure they fulfil their potential. Those needing support in their learning receive targeted help, both within and outside of the classroom from one of our team of Support Assistants who cater for students with learning difficulties and those for whom English is an additional language. Through high standards of teaching, thorough preparation and extracurricular revision, our dedicated staff help students to maximise their potential in examinations, with success celebrated in our special results ceremonies.

Skills for the 21st Century

…an expanding and responsive curriculum is enhancing choice and opportunity for students in Key Stage 4 and the sixth form.”

We focus on developing career and life skills that will enable students to make the most of future opportunities.

With interactive whiteboards and computers used throughout the school, ICT is used to bring the curriculum to life and to stimulate and engage students in their learning. Additionally, our Learning Environment, also helps to develop independent study skills. Various vocational courses on offer (design Technology & Food Technology) at both Key Stages 4 and 5 enable students to gain qualifications that boost their employment prospects. To build their life skills, our young people benefit from Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education. Delivered by specialist teachers, this programme helps students to develop the decision-making ability and self-confidence to make positive life choices. Students and families receive comprehensive support in their Key Stage 4 pathways and careers decisions.

Highly qualified teachers and a wide choice of academic and vocational courses at A and AS Level. We also have a rich performance of events to support sixth form students to make choices about their next steps, including our own University Day, when several universities come in to talk to students.

Enriching Opportunities

Students benefit from our exceptionally strong provision in Sport and the Arts, plus a wealth of extra-curricular activities.

We not only strive for excellence in sporting performance but also employ it effectively to develop motivation, perseverance and integrity – characteristics that underpin academic success in the wider context and are highly prized in the workplace. Physical activity also fosters teamwork, a sense of belonging and healthy lifestyles, all of which help students to thrive in their learning. Our superb facilities include a huge sports hall, multipurpose sports hall, 20-metre swimming pool,, music studio and dedicated PE suite. Our students have achieved notable success in competitions in a wide range of sports.

There are many opportunities for students to showcase their talents, including dramatic performances, drum band and guitar & Piano clubs. In addition, specialist music teachers offer private tuition in a variety of instruments.

Students participate in a broad range of after-school and lunchtime activities – from origami to African drumming, cooking club, Debate and public speaking, Dodgeball, Basketball, Art club and water awareness – as well as revision clubs. We also offer after school clubs –from creative writing to Recycling club, Drama club and swimming. Other activities include charity fundraising events ( Pink day, Ramadan initiative ), outdoor pursuits, field trips, university visits and foreign expeditions, with students also inspired by visiting speakers from a variety of business and voluntary organisations. Our Sports Day is always a spectacular event that embraces the whole school. The event culminates in an impressive closing ceremony that awards and celebrates teamwork, effort and achievement.

A Positive Place to Learn

“Care, guidance and support are a strong feature of the school’s work and, in this atmosphere, students feel confident that they are safe.”

Committed to maintaining a safe and positive environment that is conducive to learning, we foster an ethos that values respect, tolerance and co-operation. With a robust system of rewards and sanctions to support this, the school is characterised by a calm atmosphere and excellent relationships between students and staff.

Pastoral support begins during transition, when we start with year 6 parents’ induction. Once they join the school, their Year Leader – supported by a mentor -teaching Pastoral Support Assistant – is responsible for their progress and wellbeing, with their mentor providing daily support. As Year Leaders and mentors remain with students throughout their school career, they get to know them really well and provide a clear point of contact for parents. Students and their families can also seek help from our Welfare Assistant. The well-being of students is important to us so we also have a trained counsellor.

Why Choose Ajyal International School?

Ajyal International School is a private school situated in the heart of MBZ in Abu Dhabi. We offer the National Curriculum of England (ENC), providing an environment where students from a wide variety of backgrounds work happily and successfully towards their ambitions. But the emphasis we put on providing a happy environment is very important to us. There is a family atmosphere that prevails at the school and every student is made to feel valued and included.

Our EYFS curriculum is based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. There are seven areas of learning and development that shape educational provision in early years’ settings. All areas of learning and development are important and inter-connected.

Our students in primary school (key stage 2) become more subjects and skill-focused. All main subjects are taught by a UK-trained class teacher (English, Maths, Science, Humanities). Specialist subjects are taught by specialized teachers (Arabic, Islamic Studies, Social Studies in Arabic, Music, Art, Technology, and PE). Our primary classes reflect our students’ ability to apply and extend the academic requirements of the curriculum.

Our secondary students study through dedicated subjects. The focus is on strengthening their knowledge and readiness for the external exams in years 11, 12, and 13. Our students sit for O-Level, AS-Level, and/or A-Level exams in years 11, 12, and 13.

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