As a school community, the well-being and happiness of all our learners is our chief priority and lies at the heart of all we do.

Ajyal International School is an inclusive community that prides itself on providing students with a diversity of opportunities and skills.​ It is AJIS’s diverse population that makes it a unique experience in its own right. Our aim is to support each and every student take ownership of their own wellbeing and flourish in all aspects of their lives beyond the school walls.

We know that to achieve and flourish; every learner needs to feel appreciated, valued and able to celebrate their distinctiveness and individuality.  We pinpoint how significant mental health and emotional well-being is to our lives, in just the same way as physical health, and the impact of well-being upon learning and achievement.

Our mission is for AJIS International School –MBZ to be a place where children and young people experience a nurturing and supportive environment that has the potential to develop self-esteem and give positive experiences for overcoming adversity and building resilience. We believe passionately in creating an environment that is caring, safe and, above all, kind.  We stress at all times the importance of kindness and we encourage learners actively to seek opportunities to demonstrate their commitment to this vital quality.

We take a whole school approach to promoting positive mental health and well-being that aims to support children become more resilient, happy and successful and to prevent problems before they arise.  Our staff believe that well-being is equally as significant as academic achievement and that one cannot be achieved without the other.

Above all else, AJIS is well known for its warm and positive atmosphere, and for offering a caring, supportive and tolerant environment in which children thrive and love to learn.

Supporting Students and Staff Wellbeing

Our School develops a staff and learner wellbeing plan in conjunction with our school counselor.

Our School is highly stimulated to implement interventions focused on tackling the emotional and physical health of our staff.

AJIS School we respect existing teacher workloads and professional development requirements of staff as outlined in (Teacher Workload and Professional Development).

Our School Counselor and wellbeing support staff have appropriate knowledge of how to communicate with Students of Determination and demonstrate an understanding of their unique circumstances.

Your Child Is In Safe Hands

Safeguarding of all children is of paramount importance throughout the school and parents are encouraged to speak to any member of the pastoral team about any matters of concern, however small, regarding the health and welfare of their child.

At AJIS, fostering the well-being of our pupils through a patient, positive and proactive pastoral care system is at the very heart of our ethos.

Our experienced staff recognise how nurturing individual personal development and promoting happiness and well-being can enable students to thrive both academically and emotionally. We are immensely proud that our pastoral care has been routinely celebrated as ‘Outstanding’ by the KHDA over the past four years.

Pastoral Care Is At the Heart of the School

Through Heads of Year, students are offered personalised academic guidance alongside a bespoke PSHCE programme to meet their individual needs. We also have a hugely successful House system that fosters the spirit of competition and community, creating numerous learner and student leadership opportunities as well as collaboration between older and younger pupils.

We take great care to provide individual attention and to encourage our pupils to challenge themselves, to live by our shared values and to strive to be the very best person that they can be. Character and moral education is integral to our vision of the highest quality pastoral care and it is our genuine privilege to work closely with a wonderful community of pupils and their families, in this shared endeavour.

Rated '' Very good in protection, care, guidance and support of students '' by ADEK

The school approach encompasses several aspects in creating an open, positive and supportive environment for all pupils:

  • Through strong pastoral systems (Tutor groups, House System, Teachers)
  • Through building positive relationships with pupils, families and each other
  • Personal Social Health Education/Personal Social and Emotional Development/ Moral Education curriculum/Mindfulness curriculum
  • Promoting Physical Health and Extra Curricular activities
  • Promoting  resilience
  • Early identification of pupils who have well-being or mental health needs
  • Supporting and training staff to develop skills in recognising factors linked to well-being and mental health


At AJIS, pastoral care is built into the framework of every year group level, with:

  • Year leaders
  • Heads of Departments
  • Pastoral Lead
  • School counsellor

They ensure that the AJIS Learner Profile is built into every aspect of the curriculum to create a positive school culture.

We also use the Positive Education Framework, developed at Geelong Grammar School, to focus on strengths as a way to increase skills that lead to both student and staff wellbeing.

The best pastoral care comes from involving a whole community

AJIS has established its Wellbeing@Ajisprogramme based on the essential elements of the Positive Education Framework to meet the diverse needs of our school. Pursuing to provide all students with an opportunity to focus on balance and individual wellbeing.

The hope is that, through Wellbeing@Ajisprogramme, students will receive comprehensive opportunities to actively contribute to their passions and the community.


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