Dear Parents, Guardians, Guests, and Students,

I don’t know how to start describing the last 6 months of 2020! The best thing I can think of is: Astonishing! Since March 22, 2020, all schools in the UAE, including AJIS, had to revert to distance learning as a result of the wide-spread of the COVID-19 pandemic that caused havoc world-wide. We had to be ready in a record time to start the programme. Here, I would like to send a special thank you to all AJIS teachers, staff, administrators, students, and parents on being so strong, resilient, capable, and dedicated. As a result, our distance learning programme has been judged to be “DEVELOPED”, the highest possible rating, by ADEK.

In June 2020, we had to bid farewell to our graduating batch, Class of 2020. Abdulla, Aysha, Fatema, Khawla, Mariam, Meera, Noora, Noura, and Shamma, will go down in the history of AJIS as the first ever graduating class. Unfortunately, we were not able to hold the graduation ceremony to honor them and to celebrate the occasion due to the Corona Virus. However, we will honor our wonderful nine graduates when the time is right.

The whole summer of 2020 was spent planning and preparing for the re-opening of our school. We needed to be health and safety officers, quality controllers, medical experts, and most importantly, educators. We had to implement a re-opening checklist of more than 120 items! It was a very strange time to all of us. We needed to be ready to welcome back our students, whom we dearly missed. We also needed to continue working with a large group of students online.

The reopening model that our school has opted for is complete face-to-face reopening with online option available for those who opt for it.

We go to the new academic year 2020-2021 still under the pressure of the pandemic! Every day passes without any H&S issue is a success. It seems weird to see students and teachers in class interacting maintaining social distancing and wearing a face mask! I have to salute our H&S Officer and the H&S team for the outstanding work done to ensure our safe school reopening. Our teachers are adapting very nicely to the teaching face-to-face and distance learning students at the same time.

I have to confess that there are challenges every day, but every challenge brings with it a new opportunity.

I have very high hope that a solution (vaccine and a cure) for this pandemic will be found very soon so that we all can return to our normal lives.

I wish all my students, their parents/guardians, our teachers, and staff all the best of health and well-being. I assure all our AJIS family that 2020-2021, in God’s will, shall turn out to be a great academic year.

Mohamad Saad