Good Morning and Happy Sunday! 👋 Today we are celebrating World Mental Health Day! 🌎 This is a very important event where we think about the different actions we can take to help protect our own mental health and support the mental health of those around us! 😊 What actions can you take to help
At AJIS we are committed to ensuring that our school environment is one which protects our students and staff! ⭐️ We ensure that all areas are routinely sanitized to the highest standards and that all of our furniture 🪑 maintains a safe distance from one another! ✔️ But we are counting on your help too! 💫 Make sure that you are always


HAPPY WORLD FITNESS DAY! ⚽️ ⭐️ Today our staff and students have taken part in this exciting day of sport and health! 🍎 Our students enjoyed extra physical activities and lots of discussions about how best to live a healthy lifestyle!

KSA National Day

On behalf of the school management, teachers and students of the Ajyal community we would like to send our heartfelt congratulations to the rulers and people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the special occasion of their 91st National Day. May this year be one filled with prosperity, success and happiness. And May the

Gratitude Day

Happy World Gratitude Day! 💫 Today, it is important to stop and reflect upon what we are grateful for! ⭐️ The teacher at AJIS are extremely grateful to have such wonderful and enthusiastic students who love to learn! 📚 What are you grateful for? 🤔 

Coffee Mornings are back!

Dear Parents/Guardians, Coffee Mornings are back! Starting Tuesday September 14th 2021, the school principal Mr. Mohamad Saad would like to invite you for a Coffee Morning via Zoom at 10:00 AM every Tuesday to discuss your insights and your inquiries during the Academic Year. We will send you the meeting link every Monday afternoon. السادة أولياء الأمور و
تلتزم مدرسة اجيال الدولية بمدينة محمد بن زايد بضمان أن تكون مدرستنا بيئة سعيدة وصحية و آمنة! تماشياً مع تعليمات الهيئة الوطنية لإدارة الطوارئ والأزمات والكوارث بأبوظبي، تقرر أن يكون على جميع الطلاب من عمر (+16) الخضوع للتطعيم الكامل من اجل الدخول للمبنى المدرسي. يمكن لمن لديهم إعفاء من التطعيم دخول المدرسة و يتم التحقق من ذلك عبر تطبيق
Summer is upon us and it is time to reflect on all that we have achieved this academic year! ⭐️ There have been many challenges but our students and staff have shown true determination! 👏🏻 We would like to wish the whole AJIS community a safe and happy summer vacation! 

Graduation Day !

We are delighted to invite you to the virtual celebration of our Year 13 Graduation! We are so proud of the hard work and dedication shown by our Graduates! We are privileged to present to you the Class of 2021!
Having entrusted your children to us to get an education, you have taken one of the most important decisions of your lives. We know your children spend a considerable amount of time at school every day, and we understand how hard that decision must have been for you to send them away every day. We